Hazardous Waste Solutions

WMR Waste Solutions provides complete waste management solutions across the UK, including services for hazardous waste. This covers chemical and clinical waste, asbestos waste and waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Hazardous waste is harmful to health or the environment due to waste properties or substances in the waste. Consequently, this waste must be packaged, transported and disposed of carefully.

WMR Waste Solutions ensures all hazardous waste collections adhere to the regulations of ADR concerning the transport of dangerous goods. Of course, there is a long list of other reasons to choose us.

To discuss your waste management needs, and for more information on our nationwide services, please contact us. In addition to hazardous waste, we specialise in commercial waste and construction waste.


Chemical Waste

Before collection, chemical waste must be properly segregated, packaged and labelled. One of your own staff can do this or we can provide a qualified chemist to do this for you. We then dispose of the waste at a licensed site.

Most types of chemical waste cannot be recycled, so are incinerated.

However, some wastes can be recycled. For example, it is possible to remove the solvent in some containerized oil-based paints so the cans are rendered non-hazardous.

Some common hazardous wastes we collect are:

Clinical Waste

Clinical waste comes from healthcare environments and activities. It may present an infection risk or prove hazardous. Examples of clinical waste include needles, swabs and some pharmaceuticals.

If you require, we can provide expert operators to classify waste and ensure correct, legal collection and disposal. On-site segregation is vital, aids compliance and lowers costs.

Best practice for separating clinical waste is to use a colour code. This is outlined by the Department of Health and Social Care’s guidance manual for the safe management of healthcare waste. Different colours represent the different waste streams and EWC codes.


In England and Wales, asbestos waste is classified as hazardous waste when it contains more than 0.1% asbestos. In Scotland, this is defined as special waste.

As asbestos can be very damaging to human health and the environment, steps must be taken to stop asbestos waste escaping. Furthermore, all movements must be accompanied by a consignment note and asbestos waste must be wrapped in UN certified packaging and transported in closed vehicles or containers.

Most asbestos waste is disposed of at landfill sites with a special permit. However, thermochemical conversion technology destroys asbestos fibres, producing a non-hazardous, recyclable product.

WMR Waste Solutions are hoping to provide this service and can talk through its benefits with you.

WEEE Waste

We can arrange for all WEEE waste streams to be recovered and recycled. This includes:

Washroom Services

It’s not just skips and bins we’re good at; our washroom services are tailored to suit your needs, from soap dispensers and hand dryers to nappy waste, sanitary waste and floor mats, to name a few.

We can provide expert advice and a range of services to ensure washrooms are hygienic and user-friendly.

For further information or to request a no-obligation site audit, get in touch with us today.

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