Waste Equipment

WMR Waste Solutions provides a range of waste equipment to help increase the amount of waste you recycle and make recycling easier. Our effective waste management services create a more sustainable business and reduce costs. If you are interested in ways to better manage recyclable waste on-site, our waste recycling equipment is ideal.

We provide nationwide waste and recycling solutions to suit all commercial waste requirements.

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Reverse Vending Machine

Reverse Vending Machines (RVM) are highly efficient machines which are used for collecting empty single-use drinks containers. Members of the public can deposit empty containers in return for a reward. This can be monetary or non-monetary.

Once filled, the compacted bottles and cans are collected and sent for recycling, leading the way to a cleaner, greener future.

These machines can be personalised with full colour wrapping to incorporate your company branding and include promotional videos. For further details contact us today.

Food Waste Digesters

A fully enclosed, automatic machine which disposes of food in 24 hours.

The machine breaks down biodegradable materials using microorganisms. The environment within the machine accelerates digestion of most food products and bio-plastics. This includes raw and cooked foods.

The aerobic digestion process turns the waste into greywater, which is safe and legal to discharge down drains.

This food digester is suitable for various environments and businesses which produce a lot of food waste. For example: hotels, cafeterias, restaurants, theme parks, hospitals, nursing homes, bakeries, supermarkets and cruise ships.

Balers, Compactors and Glass Crushers

We provide a wide range of waste handling equipment to suit all purposes. Equipment can help to save space, reduce volume and increase recyclate value. We specialise in securing refurbished and bespoke equipment, so get in touch for expert advice and innovative suggestions.

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